About Us

CARLO POTTI, is the men's clothing brand of Cardiff Group which began men's ready made clothing with wholesale in 1997, by adopting Italian style, provides a privilege to its valuable customers.

CARLO POTTI has been serving its valuable customers with its wholesale stores located in Laleli / Istanbul and its modern showroom located in Sultan Gazi.

CARLO POTTI is a company whichadopts the strategy of high quality product and service by providing customer satisfaction-oriented service.

CARLO POTTI which has achieved a rapid trend by courtesy of its customer relations and understanding of quality service,has become one of the most important company among exporting companies.


CARLO POTTI promises its customers continuous transformation and quality based on its production development policy.


CARLO POTTl contributes significantly to the country economy by exporting %90 percent of its production.





Becoming the leader of the sector by creating a brand identity in which aesthetics and quality are united.



To be known around the world as a leader of trend and not to sacrifice of its quality principle to cause of its customers gain a respect identity.



Reaching the consumers directly and having international appearances on marketing.

Being a brand which determines fashion and trends.

Becoming an effective brand in the markets where it is active

Opening to the new markets

Becoming well known and preferred as a Turkish brand worldwide.